Cronus invaded someones home, this is why they can’t have nice things.


being so desperate for eridan to come back that you’ll accept this






If Laura Croft was male.

Introducing LARRY CROFT!


ready for it

I think you mean JAKE ENGLISH



reblogging this again just to say: if you havent seen this yet you really need to

TF2 DETAILS SERIES : 1/10 - The Spy


from johns perspective:



I was snapchatting Dmns with my favourite bloodstained birb and I started to make a stupid story. I should really. REALLY. Be doing university work ( O v O ) coo coo.

I’m sorry, I had to, I JUST had to do it.

omg if baby oil dissolves condoms what the fuck does it do to babies???



This may be shocking, but babies and condoms are made of different material

it’s like rock paper scissors: baby oil defeats condom, baby defeats baby oil, condom defeats baby


I traced it so it’s mine now


Matching icons for you and the whole squad.


So I have some thoughts on the homestuck trolls, especially Eridan and Eridan sympathizers. 

All of the trolls have their flaws, some more than others. There are some that we think are flawless even though they’re not, like Feferi and Nepeta. Then there are the trolls that we see as good people but are obviously flawed, like Karkat and Sollux. For example, Karkat has obvious self-hatred that (in my opinion) gets fairly annoying. And Sollux, well, he’s (again, in my opinion) sort of stuck up. Then there are trolls that many people think are extremely flawed, like Gamzee and Equius. Gamzee has quite obvious reasons behind that thinking, aka going batshit insane and killing like 5 of his friends. And Equius, well, he’s a kinky, creepy, racist weirdo.

But all of these trolls have redeeming qualities. Karkat did everything in his power to make sure he lead his team to safety after the end of the game. Sollux fought to stop Eridan before he killed everyone. Gamzee was a sweetie before he got sober, and Equius did everything he could to protect his moirail.

All of these trolls have redeeming qualities. All, except for Eridan.

Yep. We all hate the royal douchebag hipster extraordinnaire. But why do all the other trolls have obvious redeeming qualities? Vriska killed her friends, too, but people cry out “She was trying to help in the way she knew how!” Wasn’t Eridan doing that too? No, because it would’ve killed them all. I think the reason why people try to sympathize with him is because they all have the same question- why can’t Eridan have a redeeming quality, too? Why did he get the short end of the stick?

So go ahead and call me an Eridan sympathizer. Send me anon hate about it. I don’t give a flying fuck. Eridan should have gotten a chance at redemption, even if it was small. 


if this gets 100 notes i’ll rewrite the entirety of my immortal with eridans quirk


I had forgot to draw rings…  Anyway, it’s just Eridan.